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Osteosynthese 2016, Aschaffenburg, Germany

Osteosynthese 2016, Aschaffenburg, Germany

Aschaffenburg 2015Dear Members, dear Friends of the Gerhard Kuentscher Society!

The Meeting 2016 of our society has just finished. I thank you all for your contribution to the success of the meeting in Aschaffenburg.

It confirmed my feeling that our society is the place for all dedicated orthopedic trauma surgeons and the place to meet people from many countries with the same dedication. In Aschaffenburg about 190 people from 17 Counties including USA where present and made the meeting to a very good scientific event.

16 renowned experts in orthopedic trauma gave an excellent overview of the standards and actual new ideas in the management of fractures of all long bones regarding locked nails, angle stable plates and endoprosthesis. Also the modern indications of external fixation as well as pseudarthrosis and complication management and the special issue of osteoporosis for fracture management were presented. 65 presentations and 29 Posters and 2 implant workshops gave a good overview of orthopedic trauma care.

We had luck with an Indian summer whether which allowed also to see a little more of Aschaffenburg the former residence of the Mainz Bishop state.

I hope you had all a nice time here and could learn something new about orthopedic trauma management.

I would like to encourage all participants to join our society, get involved in the trauma development and try to get new friends for our society in your institutions.

Furthermore, I hope to see you all again in Munich at our next Osteosynthese International of the Gerhard Kuentscher Society 2017.

Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Friedl


  • Location: Aschaffenburg, Germany
  • Date: September 22, 2016


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