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Welcome on the website of the Kuentscher Society.
The Küntscher Society is an independent society of enthousiastic and keen trauma and orthopedic surgeons who are dedicated to intramedullary nailing. Being an international organisation we provide an interactive global network of surgeons and scientists dedicated to the advancement and promotion of intramedullary osteosynthesis. We specifically apply to the younger trauma and orthopedic surgeons and residents.

A lot has changed since Gerhard Küntscher introduced the technique of intramedullary nailing. New materials and improvement of implants have made the intramedullary stabilisation of long bone fractures the standard of care. The main goal of our society is to maintain the legacy of Gerhard Kuentscher. To do this we have several ways. First of all we promote the technique of intramedullary nailing whenever possible. We stimulate and support research on intramedullary nailing of fractures specifically, and fracture treatment in general. Our Society provides education and training through our annual international meeting, by supporting local associations in organizing symposia on intramedullary nailing and organizing guest symposia during major international meetings. Injury, the international journal for the care of the injured, is the society journal allowing our members to publish their scientific work and keep up with the latest developments in trauma and fracture care.

If your interested and would like to see more of our society, apply for membership. You will find the form on this website. Myself, the board and all members of the society will be happy to welcome you.

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Prof. Georg Gradl


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